Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Indigestion. I's Getting It

So, the Idjits that I occasionally lunch with are picking topics just to get on my nerves...
Like today.
"CEOs & Bankers, f'ckin' One Percenter Thieves" was MacGuffin-du-jour.

Apparently there is a story out where the average CEO makes 10 Million a year.
Kinda curious about their metrics- the "who" they are averaging...
I know a reasonable number of CEOs and none of them make anywhere near 10mil/year.

But my chicken-wing snarfing companion was going off on how the 1% are scum of the Earth because they make money off screwing the average man on a daily basis.

The consensus is, in a nutshell, that Bankers and CEOs make millions by stealing money from Average Joe, just outright thievery, and will never spend a day in jail.
From the Bank of America CEO, to Mr. Big Oil Spill, to Mr. Nabisco-Kraft, every single one is a Robber Baron, bathed in the blood of the average consumer and Gaia herself. And anyone in the One-Percent "didn't do that himself- he stole it!" needs to go to jail. End-of-story.

It was my opinion that the hate that was directed at the corporate earners seemed to be very one-sided, as opposed to more widespread hate for anyone who earns millions on the backs of consumers.
Ah, such dumbassery.

CEO-Hater was adamant that only BigBiz CEOs are the only ones that foster and benefit  from take-from-the-poor policies...

In my humble opinion, I found this to be a bit misleading or even completely dishonest.
I asked about the rest of the one-percenters- The GOOD ones that the 99% crowd forgets about when they are protesting...
Hollywood types. Politicians. Pro Athletes. Musicians. And the list goes on.

"But..but..but... Taylor Swift, LeBron James and Robert Downy Junior don't make millions through bullshit policies that fleece the Working Man!"
Wrong, Jocko. Big Entertainment/Sports CEOs pay these people this kind of money...
And who screams and shouts about song and movie piracy? And ticket sales? And royalties? And appearance fees? And just looooove to look like they are supporting the 99%... When instead, their greed is fueled by $15 cinema tickets, $300 concert tickets, $8 medium popcorn prices, and $28 for a new album release on CD (only $19 on iTunes though...).
And these are a tiny fraction of the so-called one-percent.
Ah- the One Percent-
Do you know who they are?
Not just the $30-million/year Hedge Fund Tycoon, but a shitload of others...
Basically anyone who makes over (about) $350,000 a year.
Which ain't a whole lot. It's a shit-tonne more than I make, but in the scheme of things, it's not that much. And when the Wealth Re-distributors come with their Wage Equity yardstick, they will be having a grand old time.

The Wealth Divide in the US (or the rest of the world, for that matter) IS a problem...
for whiny crybabies.
And it's a gorram shame that your spent your high school days in Homeroom 420 and took YOLO 101 instead of learning how to do something that you can get paid for.
And don't whine that you couldn't get a job like Hedge Fund Manager because you majored in Womyns Studies and you chose to live in Bugtussle Alabama.
Move your ass to a city with an ivy-league college, take every economics, finance and risk estimation course and get a Double Econ major. Do a couple years of internships and make business relationships.
Then you can be in the .01%.

But don't expect to share in the wealth of someone who has sacrificed the time and done all that work just because you're a crybaby and feel that the world (and the US economic system) owes you a living because you spent the last 10 years of your education drunk, high, or hungover.


Listen to your Uncle Dave Gardener: "Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get."

I gotta find better people to lunch with...



Old NFO said...

Yep, I'd be changing lunch buddies too...

Ben Catoe said...

Did you go to lunch with BonBon? I gave up talking politics with him when he told me he didnt care about Bengazi even if the reports were true.