Thursday, February 06, 2014

Hotel Issues in Gorki - Not What You Think

I was talking to SpongeMark this morning and he was relating the 'problems' he and Mrs. SpongeMark were encountering in their apartment in Esto-Sadok.
SpongeMark: "So... There was a yard sale in our apartment when we got home yesterday."
Yours Truly: "Ergh?"
SM: "Yeah- seems like they bought out the entire kitchen section of Ikea and put one of each in our apartment. Pots and pans, plates, utensils."
YT: "Nice. I have a kettle."
SM: "You'll love this... This morning we had no cold water."
YT: "Ergmhrd?"
Their water was dangerously hot- like no-bullshit 2nd degree burn possibility.
He regaled me with the tale of how he and Mrs. SpongeMark had to perform their daily ablutions with bottled water and other makeshift methods to cool the water.
YT: "I hate to say it, but man- First World Problems- "We have too much hot water at our hotel in Sochi."


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Old NFO said...

It's becoming more and more interesting isn't it...