Friday, February 07, 2014

Sochi FGAs

Frequently Given Answers - Sochi Edition

1. Tired Tired Tired.
2. Of course I have a good tan. I live in Florida and ride a motorcycle.
3. No. Nyet. Negatory, good buddy.
4. Ok, yes then.
5. 140 kilos. 150 when I get mad.
6. Yes, but only on Thursday. Only LAST Thursday, as a matter of fact.
7. It is supposed to be slippery.
8. I could kill you, but then I'd have to hide your body, and you're not worth the trouble.
9. Let me spell it out for you... "Y-O-U A-R-E A-N A-S-S-H-A-T"
10. Get away from me.
11. Milk. MOLKO... How about latte? Screw it. I'll take it black.
12. The cable is broken, that's why.
13. I'm not not sure we can get a gallon of flea shampoo here in Sochi.
14. The bus driver got lost. The bus driver ALWAYS gets lost.
15. Take this photocopy. You cannot take my passport.
16. No more pizza. No pasta either.
17. This isn't the right road. I've never heard of Estosadok. Sounds bad to me.
18. That's not a dog, it's the waitress.
19. I said unlock the fucking door before I break it down. ITS A FUCKING FIRE ESCAPE!
20. There are no more. There won't be any more. Ever.
21. You're screwed. (Every Olympics evar.)
22. No, honestly. I really like fly eggs in my horse meat.
23. A rum and coke doesn't have ANY vodka in it.
24. Just drive through them. What are they going to do, chase us down?
25. I don't need a jacket. I have my anger to keep me warm.


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Old NFO said...

Oh... On a roll are we??? And a LOCKED fire exit??? BAD juju...