Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Remiss In My Obligations to the Constant Readers

I know- I've been slacking.

I've been dealing with hardware and staff issues-
Getting hardware installed and getting our hard-working staff to their venues and getting them oriented- pointing out the various flora (look- bare trees) and fauna (look- snipers in that blind up on the hill) as we make our way to the sites.

We did get out one evening and I was able to enjoy my favorite local specialty-

Great googly moogly it was good!
The other kids at the table had the lamb shislek and I had a little bowl of lobio...

A few more pics from around the venues...

Olympic Dogs-
A few of the strays around the Olympic Park.

SpongeMark sends a little reminder in Engrish about not flushing bog paper in the hotel bathrooms.

And they've started gluing down the manhole covers.
(At least the ones that are still intact.)

Let's see- Some of the security forces that are on-station here in Sochi.
The Freddy Kruger Ninja Squad is here...

The high-stepping Radio City Snow Commandos

I'm not sure who these guys are, but I just suggest staying in your hotel room after dark. You don't want to run across these guys near an open manhole cover...



doubletrouble said...

I think those last dudes were refugees from the 'Star Wars' set.

DC said...

Are those palm trees in the picture with the dogs? I thought these were the WINTER games?

Teke said...

I did not know they employed Orc's at the olympic games. Skippy would be proud.

Stephanie Belser said...

Holy crap! Who gave the big guns to the Jawas?