Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Letters To People Unlikely To Respond - Sochi Edition

Dear Mr. Starts-With-P-and-Rhymes-with-Shootin',-Lootin'-and-Tootin',

I'm one of the hundreds of people that were detoured off your 8.6 billion dollar highway to Krasnaya Polyana then road blocked on a 2-lane highway outside Monastyr for over an hour today.

Let me ask you- did you know that when you pay a visit to a location that your security forces shut things down for miles and miles around?
That while you're glad handing the IOC and playing slap and tickle for selected media, there are people that have shit to do, and cannot get it done because there is a 45KM lockdown.
Let me give you a little hint-
If you want the games to be a success, don't come in 2 days before the competitions start and shut everything down for 3 hours...
That only does two things-
It causes delayed or unfinished tasks, and generates bad press...
Because those 4 reporters from AP that were in the car behind me that were on the way to a mixed-zone interview with a top US skiier and missed the opportunity- guess what they are going to write about now... And it probably won't be flattering.

This same shit happened the last night in Kazan when some tin-pot politician came to the city for closing ceremonies and security forces shut the whole city down from the time he landed until his plane was wheels-up on the way back to Moscow.

 Does the possibility of coming into contact with the hoi-polloi cause such fear and trepidation in the hearts of Russian politicians that they must immobilize the entire region?

Get over yourself,


The Big Guy


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Old NFO said...

Now you 'know' they are special... They can't be bothered by peons like you that can't get their work done, after all, you can get to work when they leave... There ARE 24 hours in the day, right? /snark off

Yeah, that's hosed...