Thursday, January 25, 2007

NHL All Star Game

It ended with a whimper, not a bang...


Get a couple of teams from Russia or Finland or Sweden to come over and play as part of the All Star festivities- These guys should be able to get out there and really *play* and not worry about breaking a nail or messing up their makeup like the NHL players did.

Did anyone actually see two opposing players make contact during the game?

Oh well... It was still good to see the event getting some attention, even though the TV coverage has been relegated to Versus (ex-OLN).
There was a good amount of coverage in the Dallas newspaper. The Florida Times Union only carried a short AP wire story, 16 sentences by AP writer Stephen Hawkins.
I guess that's all the folks in North Florida rate since we don't have an NHL team, and there are no players in the league with ties to the area.

As for me- After several late-night libations with the boys and girls, I overslept after not setting my alarm and had to hold my last meeting in the airport instead of at breakfast.
To all the folks in the American Airlines Center in Dallas- Thanks, and I'll see you in a few weeks.
To Mark, Cathy, Kayla, Justin, Trecia, JR, DanO and Anita, it was a slice.
Thanks for your hospitality and the good times.

(Luc- you better make plans to be in Atlanta in 08, or when I get to Montreal you are in for a good ol' down-home Southern Ass-whippin'.)

Onward, through the fog.

Famous, out-


Luc said...

Message received loud and clear capt'n. Unfortunately, I don't get to decide these things. Pitty though, because I've been to Atlanta before and it's a nice city. But I can guarantee you that I'll be at the one for '09.

The Big Guy said...

Best get to work on it, Bucko. You have several months to plan, plot and lay groundwork. Better bring your best drinking skirt...
No excuses.

And as for Montreal, well, we're going to be expecting big things from you in '09.