Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Drinking Games

I flew into Dallas for the NHL All Star Game on Sunday night.
My Crackberry lit up on landing in DFW-

A message from DanO was waiting.

"Hey. We're at a party. Come on over." along with an easy-to-follow set of dircetions.

20 minutes later I was the home of some nice folks, having a big plate of barbecued brisket and watching football...

Our hosts, Mark and Cathy. Awesome people, cool dogs.

DanO and his (much) better half were there, Trecia & her current flame, our host and hostess, the kids, JR, and sundry other folks watched the Pats and the Colts game on the big screen.
(We missed you, Luc... You should have been here!)

Trecia and her boy-toy.

DanO and Anita

Trecia had a thing for Manning, so she was rooting for Indy, and JR is from Boston so he had a vested interest in the game and a wager was thrown down- If Indy won, JR would jump in the pool, and if the Pats pulled it out, Trecia would hit the drink.

Trecia checking the temp. Oooo, it's cold!

Keep in mind it has been %$@*%# freezing here in Dallas, and the pool in the backyard was a bit chilly. There weren't any chunks of ice floating around in the pool, but there could have been.

Needless to say, the Colts pulled it out...much to JR's dismay.

I have to give hime credit though...
He jumped right in, a cannonball even...didn't even give me time to get my lens cap off... He had a bit of a problem getting out, but he did go in, the poor bastard...

After JR's dip, we all sat down to a rousing game of "Asshole"...
A card-based drinking game- full of arcane rules and cryptic terminology.
The object is to get rid of all your cards- laying them down according to some whacked-out numeric order or previous play... If you didn't have a card in your hand that you could play on your turn, you had to drink.

After the first round, the first one to get rid of their cards was deemed the President, the second was Vice President, and so on, down the last poor fool who got the title of Asshole.

Justin and Trecia

Nota Bene: Should you play this game, one would be wise to make beer, or better a light beer, your beverage of choice. Listen to your Uncle Jay- drinking rum when all others are Lite Beer is the path to destruction.

Rookie mistake.

We drank and played cards... Once you attain President status you are permitted to pass laws. Some of the legislation this evening were edicts such as any time a red card was played, JR and DanO had to drink. Also, any time a even card was played it was a social drink. (In the case of a red even card, JR and Dan drank twice. Heh.)

Oh, there was some serious drinking...

JR, thawed out and getting ready to imbibe...

The party broke up around 1:30... DanO and his other half were in the lead vehicle, and I had JR in my car as we headed toward the hotel.

As usual, there was a little drama...

As we drove back down Dallas 121, JR warned me that we might need to pull over so he could get rid of some excess beer.

JR: "So... we might need to pull over. I'm not feeling so good."
YT: "Ok... Just let me know."
JR: "I'm letting you know. Now. Pull over."
I pulled the car over and we were still coming to a halt as JR bailed and started and emergency evacuation of his upper GI tract.
As he finished up, a car pulled over behind us...
Uh oh.
I knew we were in trouble when the spotlight flicked on and illuminated the back of the car.
The Dallas Police Department...
I bit the bullet and got out of the car, reaching for my wallet.
The cop asked me what was going on...
YT:"My buddy here did a little too much celebrating during the game."
Dallas Cop:"Oh? An Indy fan."
YT: "No, not at all. He's from Boston."
DC: "Ah, drowning his sorrows."
YT: "Something like that."
DC: "And you? You're ok?"
YT: "Right as rain. Designated driver."
DC: "OK... Y'all drive carefully."
YT: "Yessir."
I got back to the car and only stumbled once as I was getting in.
Dodged a bullet there...whew.

DanO and Anita had pulled over and were waiting for us down the road...
JR's phone rang.
"Yeah. Had to pull over...Yeah, a cop... No, no problem. The Big Guy went back and kissed his ass and the cop took off... Yeah... See ya."


We made it back to the hotel without further incident...
Astute readers will notice that JR had the good taste NOT to throw up in the rental car...UNLIKE someone else I know. Heh.

A strange beginning to the event...

Famous, out-

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Luc said...

From that little dissertation, I'm not so sure I want to be down there with you guys .. Nice ass kissing though ... heh. Hugs and kisses to everyone (I'm letting you decide who gets what here)