Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dry Tortugas 2007 FGA

Dry Tortugas 2007
Frequently Given Answers

Theses are the most frequently given answers from this trip...

1. Yes, I live here.
2. 2 weeks at a time, 2 or three times a year.
3. Yes, the Rangers live here too. Year-around.
4. Yes, there are a lot of birds.
5. Yes, we get a lot of Cuban migrants.
6. Yes, the noise of from our generators.
7. No, we can’t change over to solar power.
8. No, you can’t tie your boat to the dock overnight.
9. All our supplies come out on our supply boat.
10. Once a week.
11. It arrives on Tuesday and leaves the island on Thursday.
12. No, cell phones don’t work.
13. No, there isn’t a payphone.
14. Our fresh water comes from a desalinization plant, and we also use rainwater.
15. The best place to snorkel? In the water. Heh.
16. Seriously. In the swimming area, and the coaling docks.
17. Yes, we have satellite TV.
18. Yes, we stay here when there is a storm or a hurricane.
19. Yes, there’s lots of fish in the moat.
20. The moat depth is from 2 inches to 8 feet.
21. No, you can’t swim/dive/fish in the moat.
22. Yes, we get turtles here.
23. Mostly in the summer- May to August.
24. Yes, they have nests on all the islands here.
25. Yes, Bush Key and Long Key are closed to visitors.
26. No, no spearfishing.
27. No, no lobster diving either.
28. No, no Starbucks, Coke machine, ice or fishing bait for sale here. Sorry.
29. Yes, you can fish off the dock.
30. No, you can’t eat the seagulls.

Famous, out-


Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like most of those 'answers' are from the same conversation. You should just carry a small tape recorder to play back for them.

The Big Guy said...

Yeah... Pretty much the same conversation over and over and over and over again.