Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dry Tortugas Pictures

Various scenes from this trip to DRTO...

(my personal favorite... Think "Finding Nemo" meets "The Birds")

The Gulls

"Mine? Mine. Mine! Mine!"

Frigate & Jet

A jet on the 555 airway and an Everglades Kite (a/k/a/ Frigate Bird)

Sunset 1

A pair of campers enjoy a January sunset off the south beach.

Sunset 2

A larger group enjoying a sunset off the beach at the Garden Key campground.

Moat wall

The west side of the Fort...


Sunrise from the secdond level, over Garden Key Harbor

And finally- another unwelcome visitor-
One of four Turkey Buzzards that have taken up residence on Garden Key.

Keeping an eye out for fresh meat.

More pics soon...

Amazing, out-


Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,
Tammie, formaly of the Dry Tortugas.
Thank you for the pictures. I miss that place so much. It looks great. I wish I was there.
Tell all that I said hello.
Tammie Wammie

The Big Guy said...

Hi Tammie-
Hope all is well with you and Al...
Some of the faces in DRTO have changed, but the BS goes on and on!
I passed your greetings to Trep (everyone else was off-island)...
If you can get on, trep has a site there...

Take care!