Saturday, June 13, 2015

Washington Morons

...and Wishful Thinking.

"Just because you pass a law, doesn't mean it will happen."
(or in this case TRY to pass a law. I can't see this bill ever getting a serious read...)

A select group of elected morons led by Ed Markey (D, Mass - Go figure) has decided to try to pass legislation to stop handgun violence by mandating personalization of handguns. Including retrofitting existing guns before they can be sold or even transferred between private individuals.

Read about it here.

Nice thought, if a tad insane...
Ask anyone serious about gun safety about personalizing guns- especially cops.
It's a dumbass concept.
It's amazing to me that they would invoke statistics about cops killed with their own weapons as part of the narrative in the bill.

Doesn't keep folks from researching individualization and trying to find a way to get .gov $$$ for it. And just because there are technologies that might work in some cases, doesn't mean you should mandate its use.

Just because someone has made a flying car passing a law that says 'In ten years, all cars must be flying cars, and all old cars must fly too.' is the same kind of thinking.



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Old NFO said...

They just don't get it... sigh