Friday, June 12, 2015

Laundry Day Night

Did my laundry the other night...
(Yes, I do my own laundry... Have you ever seen what they charge to wash a shirt or a pair of pants at a Hilton? It's redicking fuckulous.)

So, a block up O'Farrell is the TL - A DIY laundromat, cafe and bike rental.
A great way to spend a couple hours on an off-evening.

The sign over the door was a good memo from Captain Obvious...

And yes, that's a pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling.



jon spencer said...

I imagine that if you showed up for work naked, your co-workers would soon buy you a set of clothes.
Or a towel.

Ben Catoe said...

Towel? Blanket!!
Fun times, doing the same as I type this. Thankfully in the hotel.