Saturday, June 20, 2015

That Guy Needs To Be The Centerpiece At A Funeral

If I had to deal with this guy on any more than a passing basis, I'd be tempted to punch his lights out, set him on fire then piss on him to put him out.

Then I'd get mean...

In the hotel lobby early this morning...
Free breakfast starts at 6:30.
About 6:31 a guy in baby blue scrubs comes in and huffs in disgust because the breakfast bar isn't ready.
The lady that takes care of it is bustling back and forth,  but the eggs and potatoes are not out yet.
Scrubby gets a cup of OJ, tastes it and makes an ugly face and sets the cup down next to the dispenser.
He stands next to the lady setting up the breakfast bar with his plate at the ready- pouncing as soon as she takes her hands away.
I guess she's lucky he didn't hip check  her to get at his industrial powdered eggs.
He sits down and arranges his plate, goes back and gets a cup of apple juice, since the OJ is not fit for consumption by humans and sits back down...

He settles in and notices that the TV is set on Fox News.
"Oh no. We're not having this!"
He turns to the front desk and shouts (really, shouts): "You just HAVE to turn that CRAP off. Put it on a REAL station!"
Channel is changed...
"No... not that."
The front desk girl gives him the remote.
He flips through until he finds NBC then cranks the volume to "uncomfortable".

And older gentleman approached him-
"Excuse me- I don't mean to get into your business, but I'm curious- are you in the medical profession? I see you're wearing doctors scrubs..."
"That's none of you business, SIR." He replied.
That f'er should be heading to the emergency room with his teeth in his pocket...
He left the lobby, leaving a huge mess at his table...

We'll see if he's at breakfast tomorrow.
A tune-up may be in order...



Old NFO said...

Whack him one for me... Assholes like that DESERVE to wear their breakfast... And change it off Fox? I'd like to see him try that in Texas! :-)

Steve_in_CA said...

I'd hunt down his mother and father and kick their asses for raising such a turd.

kx59 said...

There is a pic somewhere on this blog of a particular look you get when irritated.
I recall commenting that would likely make me "stand down".
I suggest applying that look.
If that does not work then by all means dismember him with a "look of mirth" on your face.
Do it.
For humanity.

Angus McThag said...

Walk up to him and ask, "ever see the movie, "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?""

Ben Catoe said...

I really wanted an update to this. I had bail money standing by.