Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Morning Musings

Having breakfast in lovely Vacaville CA, where I was questioned by the waitress because I ordered coffee AND water...
"Are you gonna drink that? We got a water shortage goin' on here."
Honey- I wouldn't have asked for it if I wasn't going to drink it.
That noise you hear is your tip dwindling away...
Notes on the news:
Obama is fucking delusional...
He's not even trying any more. Every time he opens his mouth his lies and  prevarication are more and more obvious.
  • The US is more respected world wide now more than ever?
POTUS please.
  • We have to keep the PacRim trade agreement secret because reasons!
  • Obamacare is teh best! It's 100% on all goals and is hitting or surpassing all expectations.
  • Not only should all the illegal immigrants  undocumented workers- be allowed to stay,  we should welcome anyone who wants to come, and give them free stuff AND a voice in elections.
  • He's got his knickers in a twist because of an issue with Obamacare semantics... the SCOTUS is looking at Obamacare issues and state exchanges and it is threatening his house of straw...
Guess what- remember "we have to pass it to know what's in it"?
How about the ethics and transparency that was supposed to be the bedrock of the O-administration?
So with this in mind- see the above regarding thePacRim Agreement comment above...
Other stuff (just so this doesn't become one long anti-Obama screed)...
  • The McKinney incident:
    If you dig just a little deeper than the race hustlers and the complicit if-it-bleeds-it-leads media are spouting, you'll see the idiot who put together the "pool party" without membership, authorization or permission at that location and promoted it via FB, twitter and the DJ (who also exacerbated the situation) should be charged...
    The hooligans are lucky they only had a gun pointed at them...
    The people involved should have been maced or at least Tazed.
    7 or 8 times. Each.
    Look it up and/or watch the whole 30 minute video- dumbassery on the hoof.
    "Dimepiece" indeed.
  • Bruce "Kaitlyn" Jenner and the ESPN Courage award, and the media falling all over itself to refer to Jenner with feminine pronouns.
    Jeebus Pete, slow the fuck down, people...
    You're doing more damage to your cause by force feeding the agenda.
  • Hillary
    Holy crap people... Please wake up and smell the horseshit, y'all. Especially the turd that sat next to me on the flight out here- with you "It's her turn because Teh Womyn!"
    You're lucky I didn't gouge your eyes out with my car keys, you simpering mouthbreather. Gah.
  • Texas campus carry legislation.
    About fucking time, Lone Star...
    The CC opposition seems to be fixated on the relatively small odds of an active shooter situation as the only time a CC might possibly be of use... so why bother having icky guns around?
    They need to look at the overall violent crimes (especially sexual assaults) comitted on-campus and how they might be resolved, or better yet, deterred due to CC.
    Now if we can get OC in Florida.
    Then we could work on lanesplitting and filtering...
Time to get back on the highway.
The California speed limits aren't going to break themselves...



Old NFO said...

Oh a roll are we? And can't disagree at all... Travel safe!

kx59 said...

I heard this evening the McKinney Officer in question resigned.
You got most of the back story that happened before the video was recorded. Apparently whilst he was cuffing the self entitled vunable female, two melanin enhanced "youngsters" approaching Ogre dimensions began to approach, which is when he drew his side arm. They ran, and he re-holstered.
We can expect an escalation in this behavior as the homeboy in chief's final term circles the drain.

kx59 said...

"About fucking time, Lone Star."

"A polarizing measure to allow legal concealed carry on public colleges and universities in Florida is sputtering after a senate committee chair has declined to bring it to a vote."

How's that coming along there in Florda, hmmmm?

Shrillary's "campaign" is withering fast. If she get's the democrat nomination it's time to go dark.
If she wins the election, you can be certain the conspiracy nuts were right about the shadow gubmint/illuminati/aliens etc. etc. etc. ;)