Sunday, September 08, 2013

Lettuce Entertain You

(Guerilla Fundraising Assist. Cheapskates should exit now.) 

So... For your late weekend enjoyment, I present Darth Vader, in a kilt, playing a Star Wars medley on flaming bagpipes.

Now then... (you were warned...)
If you feel you've derived some amount of enjoyment from viewing this bit o' weirdness, please visit my man McThag here and kick in a buck or two to his KTKC effort. He's a bit down, and I hate to see a Constant Reader and fellow Florida blogger in despair...
(Unless I'm the cause of said despair. Then it's okay.)
He makes an excellent point about our favorite self-promoting Mass-hole dragging in gadjillions of rupees by only batting his eyes (and mustache) at the Intarwebz, leaving other fundraising participants in the digital dust...
SO- HBO, y'all.



Angus McThag said...

Thanks! Up to two regulars who've noticed.

Jay G said...

If I could bat my mustache I'd never leave the house.