Saturday, September 28, 2013

Leftist Idiots

I don't understand the Progressive/Democrat idiots...

From one side of their mouths they are starting to realize what a steaming pile of shit Obamacare is, but they can't seem to equate the role the Lightbringer had in screwing up a system that, for all its flaws, actually worked.

They don't recognize that the guy is a completely empty suit, with no record of accomplishments anywhere.
No transcripts from college, no articles or writings from the prestigious ivy-league  publication of which  he was anointed editor. No legislation from his 100 days as an Illinois senator. No track record on anything. And what little information is out there is false... Or is it?
His school records from Indonesia- claiming Muslim beliefs and upbringing. His biography in a 1991 publication listing Kenya as his birthplace.
So, misleading then, or now?
Its interesting how this mostly-imaginary person seems to attract more of the same...
Dead people vote for him, and of his 36.9 million Twitter followers, 19.5 million are fake or non-existent.
Just like him. 

(Sorry, I'm not a Birther, I just have this thing about Truth- and this guy has none.)

It is also a little puzzling to me how the Left uses 'health care' and 'health insurance coverage' interchangeably.

Like the phrase "everyone will now have access to health care", like that is one of the major benefits of the ACA... 
I'm pretty sure everyone HAS access to healthcare... That phrase should read "The government will now have access to all your personal data, and control over the services to be provided."

Scary to me, because governmental control of anything is so efficient, economical, and completely immune to being abused.



Old NFO said...

Ah yes, the snark is STRONG with this one!!! :-)

kx59 said...

progressive = ignorant= willfully uniformed = useful idiot / tool.
Look! a squirrel on facebook!
While infuriating, it's not hard to understand. Too many people sleepwalk through life.
It takes an event like terrorists dropping the twin towers to break some of them out of their slumber. Discouragingly, that event woke up way too few.

Windy Wilson said...

Who do they think he is, anyway? Chauncey Gardiner?