Sunday, September 08, 2013

I Hate Plecia Nearctica

Why am I a Hater?

Because the highways in Georgia are swarming with Lovebugs right now...

And coitus interruptus by motorcycle is messy.

(click picture to see the carnage up close)
This was the halfway point on my trip today- had to stop and clean my bike and faceplate... Had to do it all again when I arrived in Augusta.

This is also the reason that a full face helmet and a closed visor is preferred during lovebug season in Florida and Georgia...

(again- Click pic to be grossed out)

F the f'ing bugs... I hates 'em.



Old NFO said...

Yeah, and if you DON'T wash em off, when you do get around to it, the paint comes off with them... sigh

Spike said...

They weren't bad during the spring, but with all the rain this summer, they are out in force. Savannah is covered in them now.

And OldNFO is right. Little buggers are acidic, (4.25 pH after a day on your hood) and eat paint off. If nothing else, hose the car off every night.

Angus McThag said...

Couple years ago the entomologists were all excited that there was a species of dragonfly around central Florida that was actually eating them.

It put a huge dent in the local populations of love bug.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

kx59 said...

That's pretty bad but,
pig truck.