Monday, July 01, 2013

Looks Like a Shopping List for A Fun Weekend In Vegas

Man, talk about a detailed list...

Items That May Not Be Brought to the  Sports Venues
1. Explosives, blasting supplies, or items containing the same, such as:
• Explosive powders of any kind, in any packages or amounts
• Ball cartridges, including small-caliber ones;
• Cartridges for gas spray guns;
• Hunting capsules/caps;
• Pyrotechnical devices, such as signal/illuminating flares, signal cartridges, landing sticks, smoke cartridges/bombs, bomber’s matches, Bengal fires, petards;
• Trotyl, dynamite, trilit, ammonal, or other explosives;
• detonating caps, electric detonators, electric spark igniters, detonating chords, fuzes, etc.
2. Compressed/Liquefied Gases:
• Gases for domestic use, such as propane-butane, and other gases in any containers;
• Neuro-paralytic/tear gas spray containers, etc.;
• Lighters;
• Paint cartridges.
3. Inflammable Liquids:
• Acetone;
• Benzine;
• Highly inflammable oil product samples;
• Methanol;
• Methyl acetate (methyl ether);
• Carbone sulfide;
• Ethers;
• Ethyl cellulose.
4. Inflammable Solids:
• Substances prone to spontaneous ignition;
• Substances forming highly inflammable gases when contacting water;
• Potassium, sodium, calcium metal, and alloys thereof, calcium phosphide, etc.;
• White/yellow/red phosphorus and all other inflammable solid substances;
• Matches.
5. Oxidizing Agents & Organic Peroxides:
• Colloidal cellulose nitrate, in granules or in flakes, dry or wet, containing less than 25% of water or solvent;
• Colloidal cellulose nitrate, in pieces, wet, containing less than 25% of alcohol;
• Dry/wet cellulose nitrate containing less than 30% of solvent or less than 20% of water, etc.;
6. Toxic/Radioactive/Caustic/Corrosive Substances:
• Strong inorganic acids, such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric acids, etc.;
• Hydrofluoric (etching) acid and other strong acids and corrosives.
7. Poisonous/Toxic Substances:
• Any highly poisonous or toxic substances, liquid or solid, in any packages or containers;
• Brucine;
• Nicotine;
• Strychnine;
• Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol;
• Antifreezing agents;
• Brake fluids;
• Ethylene glycol;
• Quick silver (mercury);
• All salts of ammonocarbonous (cyanhydric) acid and all cyanide preparations;
• Cyclone, “Black cyanide”, arsenous anhydride, etc.;
• Other dangerous substances, objects and cargos that may be used as attacking instruments or create a threat to the Games.
8. Pharmaceuticals & Medical Means Exceeding the Amounts/Volumes Specified.
Pharmaceuticals may be brought in the amount not exceeding 1 pack for at most 3 different pharmaceutical names, in any form, including sprays, drops, medical syringe, etc., in manufacturers’ packages. The amount of pharmaceuticals may not exceed 100 ml.
9. All types of alcoholic products.
10. Drugs and psychotropics, the precursors thereof, including those in form of medications.
11. Weapons and Supplies:
• Fire weapons,
• Signal weapons,
• Pneumatic weapons,
• Gas spray guns,
• Any weapon supplies,
• Electrical shock apparatuses and spark gaps,
• Main parts of fire weapons;
• Objects that can be used as weapons, such as bats, sticks, etc.
12. Stabbing or cutting objects, other than nail scissors, which can be used as weapons, knives or any other ‘cold’ weapons, propelling objects, including those of the cane type. The only exceptions shall be medical equipment and medical tools included into the medical sets of the doctors in sports delegations.
13. Any fluids in any containers exceeding 100 ml, except for personal hygiene products in containers that do not exceed 300 ml.
14. Glass containers/bottles.
15. Cigarettes, smoking pipes, electronic cigarettes, matches.
16. Food stuffs regardless of their shelf lives or packages.
17. Laser devices
18. Any forms of propaganda materials, as well as flags or banners containing offensive or political statements. The only exception is national teams’ flags.
19. Any items being similar in appearance to the prohibited items, the copies or versions thereof.

SpongeMark: "Damn. I'll have to leave my Black Cyanide at the hotel."
Yours Truly:  "Bring it to my room. I'll keep it with my Bengal Fire and the petards."


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kx59 said...

So it's an "anything remotely dangerous" "free zone".
Wait, they forgot uncompressed carbon dioxide exhaled through mouth or nose. It's burning up the planet dontcha know.