Monday, July 22, 2013

KA3AHb - Part D

Part D, as in "Damn!"

The saga continues...

So- 5:00 +/- in the AM.
I'm dropped off at the Gates of Hell FortePiano and check in...

The lobby was (I kid you not) 90 degrees.
At 5:00am.

That should have been a clue.

I got the key for my room and headed up.

Key? Did you say 'Key'?


Yeah, let's all jump in the car and go back to 1990.
A hotel room key. How quaint.

That was clue # 2.

And then... Second floor, eh?
Where's the elevator?

Really? No elevator.
Strike 3...

I hump my bags up the stairs and find my room...

The nicest thing I can say is... uh... Nothing.

It was hot. As Pete would say, Africa hot.
Tarzan couldn't handle that heat.

At 5:00am.

I start looking for the thermostat... None.
I look for some kind of central A/C vents. None.

There's a fan on the desk.

Oh HELLS no.

I'm too tired to complain yet. I need a couple hours of sleep before facing the day.
A quick cold shower, flip on the fan to blow the hot air around the room and I hit hay.
The windows have no shades, but there are curtains. They really don't cover the windows much, so sunlight is streaming in...
The room is lit almost as well as a TV Studio.
Sleep is difficult impossible.

This, as we say in the bidness, is going to be a Problem.
If it's as bad in the other rooms as it is in mine there is a definite possibility of mutiny. (And as I'm Project Manager for this nightmare it's my job to make sure things go smoothly. This will not help.)

SeanO is already here. He's probably pissed.

программист ученого arrives tomorrow and SpongeMark the next day.
They will definitely be pissed.

This is not exactly imbuing me with a sense of confidence.
And I haven't even been to the site yet...

- The Saga Continues... -



Luc said...

Come on! Bring us the rest. Stop teasing us for Christ sakes. This is Listen to Uncle Jay at its best. No stopping from trivial things like eating or crapping.

Old NFO said...

Hehehe, hoping to get fired is a hellva way to get better living conditions!!! ;-)