Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Close... So Close...

Almost got the full row on my Dumbass Commuters Bingo card this AM...

Cigarette Butt Flicker - Check.
Two-handed CellPhone Rant at highway speed- Check
70 MPH Eyeliner Application - Check
Lap-Texting Downlooker Misses Light - Check

The only one I missed in that row was a 3-Lane Beacon Sweep (without turn signal) Cutoff...

Damn. Maybe tomorrow.



The Big Guy said...

I accidentally fat-fingered the approval on my man BobS from
"3 Boxes of BS"...

"I had the opposite luck yesterday. I kept getting people trying to kill me by the "I'll take my half of the road down the middle" square. --4 different times in a 10 minute span."

Sorry Bob...

Yeah- Other drivers- they're all assholes.


kx59 said...

George Carlin nailed it.
"have you ever noticed how everyone driving slower than you is an idiot and everyone driving faster than you is an asshole?"
I have to ask for a clarification on the texting downlooker with regards to "missed the light"
Missed as in sat there till the light turned yellow then red, or blew right through a red light?

The Big Guy said...

She was so engrossed in her texting that she didn't see the the light had changed and the other cars had gone.
(The rather anemic horn on the FJR didn't even register with her... Gonna have to change that.)
By the time she woke up the turn lane signal was red.. Not stale green, not yellow... Red.
Kinda like the shade of crimson I was seeing for the next 4:30, waiting for the light to cycle back.
And she sat there STILL FUCKING TEXTING!!!

See you next Tuesday, bitch.

Joanna said...

No jury in the world would convict you, Jay. No jury in the world.