Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spoiled Rotten

Two wheels good, four wheels bad.

I did some figuring on the last couple fill-ups of gas for the FJR and Jarvis*...
The FJR gets 41 mpg on the average and about 49 on the highway.
Back and forth to work I can get 200-210 miles to the tank of go-juice.
The F150, not so good. That 302 V8 is thirsty!
Going back and forth to the office consumes 1 gallon each way!
So between 7-8 bucks a day to ride in dry comfort, or if I have to transport something bigger than a loaf of bread to or from the office.
The bike costs $2.45 round trip...

Like I said- two wheels good, four wheels not quite so good.
Unless it's raining.

Man. That sucks out loud.

I'm trying to readjust my weekly budget, trying to decide if I can really continue to have lunch at Hooters once a week.

Hooters isn't cheap...
(The waitresses are, but the food, not so much.)

All of a sudden 10 wings, iced tea and a tip is almost 14 bucks.Especially when iced tea is $2.85
(How fair is it when you can grind up someone's lawn clippings and soak them in hot water and charge 3 bucks for it?)

I guess everyhting is bad these days...
I splurged and went to 5 Guys for lunch the other day...
(Really? 5 Guys is a splurge? Yeah-  Bacon cheeseburger, Fries and Drink - $14.00 without a tip!)

It's getting pretty expensive to stoke the fires of The Machine...

The rest of the week?
Let's just says that I'm getting really familiar with the dollar menu at Wendy's and Mickey D's.

(The Woman calls the black & red pickup Jarvis, after UGA outside linebacker Jarvis Jones)

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