Monday, March 04, 2013

Poor Yankees

You're breaking my heart...

Y'all stay up there and continue to be Good Yankees.
(I really have a problem with you Damned Yankees- who decide they like it down here in the South, so they carpetbag their asses down here, then run for local political office so they can change things to the way they had it "back home"... FTMF)


kx59 said...

ditto that. Please check your politics at the border. You already shat in your nest. It's why you left in the first place.

Bob S. said...

What is that white stuff on the ground? I don't think ice gets that thick.

Thinking about it, I mind trade a few feet of snow for a 10-20 degree temperature drop in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey, lay off the Damn Yankees. We are not all lefty dipshits. We come down to not only get away from the white stuff, but also the blue idiots... And, let's be honest, if it is a choice between sand or snow, that's a no brainer. It's not my fault the crotch I crawled out of happened to be in New England! :-)