Sunday, February 03, 2013

Superbowl Notes

Boy - they hyped the crap out of the halftime show.
(Didn't do any good. I didn't watch it.)

The Ravens should have been back up dancers on the show- looked like they were all wearing yoga pants out on the field.

Hell of a heads-up play by Jacoby Jones at 1:45 in the 2nd... That second effort touchdown- wow.
Great play.

Biggest Fan of the Game:
The Niners fan that works for New Orleans Power & Light, for pulling the Big Red Switch as things started to unravel in the second half.

Best commercials of the night:
Audi - Prom/Black Eye
Budweiser - Reunion - (TWWKMT was tearing up after that one...) - Drama & the mama wolf
Dodge Ram - Paul Harvey's Farmer Tribute (I just have to link to this one...)

The "Pretty Good" ones:
Oreo - (Quiet) Riot in the Library - Cookie vs Cream
Toyota Rav4 - Kaley Cuoco & the Infinite Witches
Kia Sorrento - Where do babies come from?
Taco Bell - Old Folks sneaking out. Goldblatt's Tattoo. Yikes.
Doritos - Playing Princess
Hyundai - Turbo - Better to be in front
Sketchers - Gazelle & Cheetah
Jeep - USO - National Heroes
Bud Light - Stevie Wonder and the Lucky Chair
Kia - Ass-kicking Robot - Respect the Tech
Tide - Joe Montana Stain
Speed Stick - Fold your panties for you...
Mercedes - Deal with the Devil - but only because it was Willem Dafoe...
Gildan T-Shirt - Cute take on the coyote-in-a-trap joke.

Ewww Gross moment:
Go Bar Rafaeli & The Nerd
(Really - I could have done without seeing that...)
Calvin Klein  -  Men in drawers. (Ditto)

The Why Bother? collection:
M&Ms - anything for love
Bud - black crown
Pepsi Next - meh
Best Buy - meh
Subway Febuany & Congrats Jared - Who cares?
Pistachios - PSY - FTMF.
NFL: Leon Sandcastle
Lincoln MKZ & Road Stories
Toyota Camry
Axe - Shark Attack/Astronaut
Disney - Oz
Fast & Furious 6
Beck - Sapphire
Coke - Security Cameras 

The WTF Files:
Doritos- Goat For Sale - I don't get it.
Volkswagen - Reggae Monday - Huh?
Century 21?
Mio - Tracy Morgan - Change

(Updated to add Calvin Klein - Thanks Anon for reminder)


Anonymous said...

The "Respect The Tech" commercial is good on first viewing, but then... really? Getting an ass kicking because of kicking the tires? That's part and parcel of checking out a car... I guess Kia doesn't want anybody checking out the car.

EWWW. Calvin Klein - gay soft porn.

Luc said...

Did you see the BlackBerry one? How did you like it? I thought it was "meh"