Saturday, February 02, 2013

I Guess I Was Mistaken...

Well. I guess President Obama is all for gun rights.
There is no way that he might try to limit our 2nd Amendment rights,
since he obviously does skeet shooting all the time.

This picture puts all my concerns to rest...



Ben C said...

Politics aside, that is a cool picture. He is still working hard to screw us out of our rights though.

Chaplain Tim said...

I don't know over-unders very well, but that is obviously a hammer-fired, left-hand version of something. Is that a vent on the far side creating the second plume of smoke?

Old NFO said...

Snerk... Oh THANK you, I snorted coffee all over the keyboard with that one!

Anonymous said...

The smoke patterns sure seem odd. What is that little yellow thing at the end of the barrel? Why isn't the smoke barrel sized and not some triangular shape? Seems like a photoshop job to me. Just like the Obungler crowd, photoshop and fuck it up cause you don't know what it should look like.

As well, when does one shoot skeet along the horizon? Usually, I shoot skeet at 25 to 60 degrees.

Jesus, we're screwed. I got half a mind to sell it all and move to Ecuador.


kx59 said...

that pic just looks so wrong to me.

The Big Guy said...

Looks like a Browning Citori O/U...But I'm no expert. I prefer my autoshucker for skeet.

Sorry- although my stuff doesn't get anywhere near the level of Tam or Marko, I try to keep most of my posts spew-inducing...

Yeah- I know what you mean.
I think it's the inherent 'leftness' of the photo-
A left-handed-leftist-shooting-to -the-left...
Very sinister.

kx59 said...

He looks more girly "shooting" than the Southern Belle, and what's with the plume of smoke coming off the top of the barrel?

The Big Guy said...

You're right-
His posture is a little odd for shooting skeet or trap and the timing of the picture- basically a split-second after the shot.

If that is a Browning 725 "Sporting" model (as opposed to the "field" model, the barrel is ported- basically a compensator for the shotgun.

It is fairly obvious that this was a one-time thing.


The Big Guy said...

@ Anon-
There is PROBABLY a screw-in choke tube in the end of the barrel-
In theory there should be one in each barrel- but I have a feeling that they only allow one barrel to be loaded at a time- hence - only one choke.
I have Briley choke tubes for my Beretta - the SK choke is black and green.

And yes- he is a little horizontal-
But it is possible he's shooting trap (not skeet) and made the novice mistake of waiting too long to take the shot and the clay is on descent.

(More probably this is staged in order to get the "action" shot timing correct.)