Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Mars Lander Curiousity - "The Beagle Has Landed"

Shades of Capricorn One!
Are you sure this thing landed on Mars?

For the life of me, it looks like a parking lot in East Texas...



Mr.B said...

Capricorn One?

Just how old are you, anyway?

I mean, I remember watching it, but.....

The Big Guy said...

Yeah- I'm just a bitter old man.
Anyone will tell you.
And my movie trivia quotient is only surpassed by my beloved wife's, the only one who will kick my ass in the Silver Screen version of Trivial Pursuit EVERY GODDAM TIME.

As for being old (and feeling it):
We were sitting in the office here in London this morning and somehow the topic of a car driving off a bridge came up and I made an off-hand comment mentioning Chappaquiddick, which none of my co-workers knew anything about.

The oldest was born in '68...
I'll give you some leniency for youth, but dammit, that's history.

The Cultural Literacy level today is appalling.
They know that J. Edgar liked to cross dress, but not about felony manslaughter committed by a famous politician.
Goddam kids.