Thursday, July 07, 2011

New Hardware

Fine new shooty goodness!

Oooo, Shiny!

A Kelley Soule Sight will soon live here...hopefully.

And instead of that leaf sight, maybe a Bullseye Ghost Ring sight.

Heavy barrel, and a loooong magazine tube.

Yes, .44 Magnum... Just like Athena & Minerva.
Holds twelve in the tube and one in the chamber.

No padding back here...
Fist Fits my shoulder perfectly.
(Yikes! Such an egregious {and humorous} misspelling.
I scrupulously avoid any kind of fisting... .44 Mag fisting especially.)

Next up: .44 Recoil Therapy.

(edited for content)


Southern Belle said...

fist your shoulder? LOL

seriously though, that's not a gun, that's a work of art!


kx59 said...

"fist my shoulder perfectly"?
If that wasn't intentional, that is one funny typo!

kx59 said...

P.S. That is one beautiful rifle and 44 mag to boot. I didn't know such a thing existed. Very, very cool.

Luc said...

My. She is puhrty.

Question Big Guy: what's the purpose of the stand that the rifle is sitting on?

The Big Guy said...

Fist? Oops.

(Wow. I fupped duck that one.)

Took it to the range this afternoon, set up my bench way out past the osprey nest, about 75 yards out.

Pretty flat trajectory at that distance using Winchester JSPs...

It's going to make a great hog gun this fall...

Luc: That's a Caldwell 7 rest, a stable platform for holding a rifle. I use it for bench shooting-
(Basically, holding the rifle very still to be absolutely sure of where the rifle is aimed) I also use it for cleaning and maintenance of my rifles. Again, holding them upright & still so I can work on them.


Anonymous said...


Borepatch said...

Drool is right.

Bug said...

With no padding it's probably going to feel like you're being fisted.