Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blatant Thievery -World Net Daily -UPDATED!

UPDATE: WND does the Right Thing!


Sean at An NC Gun Blog had an awesome ATF Gunwalker quote that was definitely a great t-shirt idea...

"Am I the only person on the planet that didn't get guns from the ATF?"

The quote came from a comment on a post at No Lawyers, Only Guns And Money about the expansion for the Gunwalker program to include getting guns into the hands of the drug cartels in Honduras.

But I digress...
Back to the thievery...

People wanted the slogan on a T-Shirt... The ball started rolling, and Sean eventually got a deal to make the T-Shirts with his INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY on it and started to market it.

Someone over at the WND (a waaaay off to the Right website - Conservatism with a heaping helping of bible-thumping and a whole lotta hypocrisy thrown in too) decided to capitalize on the popularity of the shirt... Didn't even have the decency to change the quote just a little bit... Just took it whole-hog.

It's a great shirt-
If you want one, get it from the source, not some two-faces bastards who steal on Saturday and and preach "thou shalt not steal" on Sunday.

WND pulled the product from their E-store and sent Sean an email.
From Sean's site:
After emailed conversation with WND Editor Joseph Farah, they have pulled the shirt from their e-store! He has given me his personal assurance that a full investigation will commence as soon as everyone gets back to the office on Monday!

Mr. Farah, I want to thank you for your quick response to this situation and I look forward to discussing this with you on Monday. It is clear from your swift handling of this that you are committed to honest dealings and I applaud you for it.

Due to the nature of the Internet, a post once published can never really go away. I have retained the post below for you to read, but be assured that Mr. Farah has handled this already and no further emails to him are necessary, unless you wish to email him with your thanks for his proper handling of it.

Good show, Mr. Farah.



Sean D Sorrentino said...

Thanks for the support, Big Guy!

Sean D Sorrentino said...

UPDATE: WND DOES THE RIGHT THING! After a quick email conversation with WND Editor Joseph Farah, he has pulled the shirt from sale and will commence an investigation on Monday when everyone gets back to the office.

Please join me in thanking the WND Editor and CEO for his swift resolution of this issue. Read the update on this post!