Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Girls

No... Not the PC and The Woman Who Knows Most Things.

The new Ladies in the Armory.

You met Minerva in the previous post...

Now meet her big sister...

Pallas Athene

Aren't they lovely?

There is another form of Home Security at The Estrogen Palace...

Lots of teeth, and she knows how to use them...

Why do we need lots of protection at Casa TBG?

This is why:

'Cause I'm tired tired tired of these beasties infesting the backyard.


1 comment:

Annie in SC said...

Yes, they are! I recently bought an S&W .38 airweight that looks suspiciously like "Minerva" except it's not a Ruger and I can't tell by the picture what caliber Minerva is. I had to put a new, longer grip on it (a Hogue) because it kicks like a mule and I needed a better grip. Now it's perfect. I haven't named her yet but my other sidearm (a Ruger .357 Vaquero) is "The Lady" because she looks exactly like the ones Sharon Stone carried in "The Quick and The Dead" except those were .44s. I want a pump-action pistol-grip shotgun. I don't know why - I just do. What I really need to get next though is a skeet gun. Any suggestions?