Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tryin' to Reason With Hurricane Season

As a public service, TBG brings you some tips for the 2011 hurricane season which begins today.

Hurricane Season Lesson #1:
If a hurricane is coming, get the fuck out.

Hurricane Season Lesson #2:
Seriously, GTFO.

Here endeth the lesson.



Southern Belle said...

I'm far enough from the coast (90 miles or so) that I never get out if one is heading to Galveston.

I do, however, make sure that I have plenty of supplies which include, but not limited to:

Non perishable food
Water, plenty of water.
Fuel for the generator and the cars.
Batteries for flashlights and radios.
Charcoal and propane for cooking

Of course, boarding up the windows is a must and cleaning out the closet under the stairs for my 'safe place'.

For those in low lying areas and closer to the coast, your plan works perfectly!

The Big Guy said...

This instructable is geared toward that type of individual who stood around New Orleans as the storm approached and did absolutely NOTHING, then complained that the government didn't help them, or get them out of harms way.

(And then took the $$$$ from Uncle Sugar and spent it on toys and cars and booze and drugs, and STILL complained that they weren't getting enough help.)