Sunday, February 06, 2011

Superbowl Commercials - Qtr 2

Survey says:

Budweiser "Tiny Dancer" - Cool.

Telaflora "Your rack is unreal." - Wow. Double points for getting Faith Hill to go along with it...

BMW "X3" - Who cares.

Motorola "Tablet" - huh?

BMW - "Chchchchanges" Who cares Pt. 2

Coke "Dragon" - Pretty good.

VW "Vader" - Awesome.

Snickers "Loggers" - I LOL'd "Monkeys" - Sorta funny, but not if your job sucks.

Chevy "Facebook" - Cute. 

Doritos "Healing Chips" Pretty cool, but got a little tasteless at the end with dead grandfather.

CarMax "I feel like a..." -Creative but weird.

More coming...


1 comment:

Luc said...

Poo! Because CTV is covering the game in HD this year we don't get to see the American commercials. The CRTC sucks!!!