Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lots To Do & So Little Time To Do It

It's been a hectic couple days here in Calgary-

(Deleted: Long description of me whining about running cables outside in the cold.)

(Deleted: Me wrenching my arm patting my myself on the back for the awesome job I think I'm doing. [Mostly fictional])

(Deleted: Highly exaggerated account of wrestling with Anaconda-like cold-rated Cat-5 cables. More whining about long cable runs in the cold.)

One thing I won't delete is the huge thanks I owe to Sal from Toronto & Constant Reader and all around Good Guy Luc from Montreal for helping me last night run the last few TV & Clock cables in the TV Compound...
They were awesome...
Thanks guys- my semi-frostbitten fingers are still intact thanks to your generous efforts.

Now the key will be to keep the cables intact after the Heritage Classic tonight, and in place for the WHL Hitmen/Pats game on Monday afternoon... Some of the trucks will be pulling out after the Flames/Habs game, and partial breakdowns play merry hell with existing cabling.

Coming soon, if time permits, the tale of The Scoreboard Fiber Adventure.
A Big Guy, a tiny crawlspace, questionable FDDI patches, and violated FCC regulations due to transmissions of profanity over the airwaves.
Soon to be a major motion picture.


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