Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Addition - Part 1 - Hayes

Back in November I told you about Boz and Koa and their morning playtime...
That's still going on every weekday morning...

Recently they have been joined by a newcomer to the neighborhood - Hayes.
I'm not sure of his age, all I can tell you is that he's a cute little black lab puppy.

(All pics clickable)

Bozie & Hayes

Boz is trying to teach him how to deal with the camel-colored menace from across the street. He doesn't listen. He's more interested in kisses.

Nom nom nom...

"I's gonna chew on dis ear for a second."

"Oooo. What big teefs you has."

"Oh my goodness! Don't look, I think Koa is coming!"

"I will save you from the Dreaded Ridgeback!"

BoZ: "Can you fit his whole head in your mouth?"
Koa: "Let me see... Yep!"

It's not just "I bite your face" at the Tanglewood Playground;
Occasionally there is some digging that must be undertaken.
Word is that there is buried treasure.

Me? Digging? I'm afraid not. See the bunny or the Ridgeback."

Wasn't me, man. I'm nice and clean.


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