Thursday, September 02, 2010

Earl and Danielle Are Making Things Interesting at the Beach

Jax Beach Surf Cam

Looking around for good sites for hurricane tracking, I came across a great site...

Nice interface, not cluttered with ads and crap (yet).


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The Mighty Skunk said...

Ah, (what passes for) surf in Florida. Fond memories. Reminds me of my "old days" in Jupiter : murky, churned-up, sharky water ... lumpy, junky, shapeless mounds of wind-slop being referred to as "surf".

This guy gets an "A" for effort. Attacking that gruel on a shortboard isn't easy.

And by the way, don't miss the premier of the "new" Hawai'i Five-0 on CBS on Sept 20. I've read the plot summary and seen several trailers. Looks like fun.

Be there. Aloha.