Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kindred Spirit

I shot this pic a couple weeks ago now.

It was down for a few days while they had a birthday message up on the marquee, but the gun-bible-capitalist message is back up.

The have the best subs in town.
Screw the big chain joints like Quiznos, Jimmy John's and Subway... Even the smaller franchises like Larry's and Firehouse can't hold a candle to Angie's.
It's been a favorite of Beaches kids for years- I've been taking the PC and her cohorts there on Saturdays after soccer games forever.
They aren't the fastest, but what the lack in speed they make up in taste and a very unique management style.
They are on my speed dial on my mobile phone... If I call in my order when I leave the office, I can drive the 17 miles to the joint and only have to wait 10 or 12 minutes to get my food.
(Kidding- if you call ahead, it's generally ready when you get there.)
If you are blessed with the opportunity to go there, order The Peruvian:
ham, Genoa salami, bacon, Italian sausage, provolone, Peruvian sauce.
Another Uncle Jay Favorite, the El Guapo: tuna, bacon, provolone, Peruvian sauce.
The Woman Who Knows Most Things prefers the Dirty Gringo:
roast beef, turkey, mushrooms bacon, provolone, Peruvian sauce.

And, oddly enough, no one likes Jack Del Rio:
(turkey, roast beef, bacon, provolone, mushrooms, bar-b-q Fritos, spicy ranch)

Back to the sign...
Seems like Ed Malin, the owner, went to a Tea Party meeting and was inspired to wear his politics on his sleeve, as it were...

He's been getting a lot of press recently,both locally and nationally.

Comments regarding the sign are, as always, entertaining.
From the like-minded Conservatives:
Criminals prefer unarmed victims. From now on - I'm eating at Angie's Subs! Maybe we should receive a 10% discount for showing our concealed weapons licenses!
By the way, I'm a bible thumpin', gun totin', capitalist female!

OMG. I actually love the food at Angies and have been reading the sign for years just to see what comes up. The bottom line here is that (1) it's his business & he has the right to post what he wants and (2) people really need to stop taking things so seriously. It's how he feels & he's not asking anyone to agree or disagree. It's freedom of speech. As long as he keeps making GREAT food, it's all good!

Angies subs was just a regular sandwich shop to me until I saw this sign. NOW I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

LMAO! That is hilarious! I am going to drive out for lunch and get a sub there just for support!

I sure hope he stocked up his kitchen, because it's going to be standing room only today. He took the idea from the tea party, seeing an opportunity to increase business. He didn't wait for government approval, he took the initiative and did it. And he will make money, for himself, and the government. The people who spend money there will actually get something of substance for their money. He IS a capitalist! I'll bet those gun toter's know the proper use of a handgun also.

Many of those who won't go there never did, unless he takes food stamps, or offers up a free lunch. He can now count on a decent law abiding group, not the hateful destructive bunch that they are cracked up to be.
...and the other end of the gene pool- the Asshats and Morons:

I'm all in favor of Tea Party business owners displaying these sorts of signs.
I want to know which businesses are run by jackass morons.

If I see a sign like that in a business, I'll take my money elsewhere.

Glad I never ate there the 30-odd years I lived literally right up the street from it. I'm also glad I don't live in Jacksonville anymore, and this is one reason why...
Dear Asshats,
I guess you won't have to worry about the door hitting you in the ass on the way out, since you won't be there in the first place. I'd prefer you stay away, since it will leave more room for the rest of us...

I'm going to look into the discount for CCW holders, though...



T-Rav said...

As usual, FOX needs to check their facts. When the graphic comes up showing the owner, it says Augie's. Typical right wing graphics operator - afraid to use spell check because it was created by some big corporation that is crushing the small business folks in this country. OK, I'm reachin' here, but the graphic was wrong. Not that spell check would have worked any way! Good to see JAX getting some national love!

AmandaRose said...

I love the food at Angies and Ed is the best! This just makes me love it all the more. Check out my review at