Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy As A...

... one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

This week is going on record as a monumental bite in the ass.

It started with breakdown in August at A Nice Golf Course... I wanted to make sure all my equipment made it on the truck on Monday morning, but I found out Sunday night that the truck wouldn't arrive until mid-afternoon.
I left the task of load-out in the capable mandibles of The 'Roach and hauled ass for Jax with a switcher that was needed ASAP.
I got it back to the office by 4, and then headed to the PC's flag football game.
(I'll spare you the glowing details of her success as wide receiver except to say she's awesome.)
Part of Tuesday I spent doing my post-event report for Augusta, and trying to get caught up with Old Business.
Wednesday the equipment trucks arrived back in Jax and it was inventory time...
I had to get my stuff back to my office and get it accounted for, and get my perennial Augusta stuff stored away.
Wednesday night had me making pulled pork for our Thursday roundtable meeting, so before the PC's Wednesday night football game I stopped at Costco and picked up 8 pounds of pork shoulder, then went to Scandalweed for the game.
Home at 9, pork in the oven at 9:30 and at 5:30am it was falling apart in shreds. By 7am I had it all pulled, reduced the rootbeer-based potlikker and added brown sugar, mustard, catsup, cumin to make the BBQ sauce.
I split it into two trays- one for the Roundtable and one for Everyone Else...
By the time the meeting was over there was barely enough pork left for a half sandwich when I combined both serving trays.
(Why is it that when the serving starts, people will load up their plates, but at the end no one will take the last 2 tablespoons of the whathaveyou? Just asking...)
So... Meeting adjourned and I have equipment to return to the PGA Tour...but I'm also working on a presentation for our All-Employee meeting next Friday, and the resource deadline is Friday... I'm on a roll so I put off delivery of the equipment 'til Friday.

Friday AM rolls around and I remembered that I had committed to do an Oyster Roast for lunch (a independent mini-fundraiser for KevinB) so I scampered around to get 50 pounds of oysters and got to the office by 10.
10:30 I was on the way to PGA Tour office and when I got there to unload I found a strange padlock on the door of the truck.
I called the office to ask about the lock, no one knew where it came from.
Drive back to the office to play find-the-mystery-key...
We decided to deliver the equipment after the oyster roast, so from 11:45 to 2:30 I was manning the grill roasting oysters by the pan-full and flinging them at hungry IDSers.
3:00, with the mystery lock removed I headed back to Ponte Vedra to drop the lasers.
Back to the office by 4, work on my presentation a bit, then headed home.
Friday night is the Perfect Child's Prom... There are 9 of them taking a limo to dinner, prom, and post-prom breakfast at 1:30am...

The *real* kick in the ass?
After being out until 2:30 AM, the PC and two of her cohorts have a college tour scheduled for 10am this morning.
In Tampa.
And guess who gets to drive them down there?
Yep. Yours Truly.

So, here I sit, blogging away, after a 4 hour drive to the University of South Florida.
We have a late lunch scheduled with Pete & Wendy...then another 4 hour drive back to Jax.

When I get back I need to finish my presentation and look into supplies for next week's shindig-
We're doing a mini Seafood Fest on Wednesday... More oysters, low country boil, crawfish, fish fry... Again, more money raising for the KB fund.
After that, on Friday, I get to give my spiel to the masses.
And though I like writing my 'blog, I hate public speaking if I can see the audience...
So the All Employee Meeting is going to suck.

Onward, through the fog...


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T-Rav said...

As for the public speaking... just pretend that all of the audience members are liberals. You'll do fine!