Friday, April 02, 2010

The Humble Abode, Augusta Version

This is my office.

19 Pelican rifle cases, 12 Pelican Storm Cases, 40 MC70s, 35 Geo batteries, 30 laser trigger batteries, 27 walkie-talkies, and a cartridge in a bare tree...

Guess what happens when a Richmond County Sheriff's Deputy sees stacks of rifle cases and rocket launcher cases (his words) through a window during a routine sweep...

It's not quite the same reaction as when the DOT Agricultural agent looks in the back of the truck during an Agricultural inspection station check as I drove the equipment up here...

About a mile short of the FL/GA state line I stop at the inspection station and get waved over for a visual inspection.

I unlock the cargo door, letting it roll up as the inspector looks inside.
"Uh, Sir... Could you step over here while we inspect your cargo a little more thoroughly. Please keep your hands where we can see them..."
Nervous DOT AgAgent: "So... Uh... What's in the cases?"
Yours Truly: "Lasers."
NDOTAA is not amused by my honesty.
NDOTAA: "Cletus, keep an eye on Mr Funnyman there while we open a couple of these babies up."

After opening a random assortment of cases and trying to puzzle out the Laser Atlanta rangefinders and Trimble Geodimeters, he returns to Cletus and I as we are discussing kudzu and crown vetch.

NDOTAA comes back over.
"Okay- yer good to go. You know I had to check it out... Doin' my part for homeland security."
YT:"Yeah, whatever."

Contrast to here in Augusta...

Sheriff's Deputy: "That ain't nothin' dangerous is it?"
YT: "Nope."
SD: "Okay, just checking."


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