Friday, April 02, 2010

It Begins

Back in Augusta at A Nice Golf Course. Again.

And, amazingly, last night was Sombrero Night 1.0

There were several bloggable moments...
Like Zach trying to drown himself in a Margarita Jacuzzi.
Zach trying to take home the award for "Highest Margarita Consumption"
Zach trying to pour out a significant quantity of Margarita into a hidden vessel that was not one of his bodily orifices. And getting caught.
Well... You get the idea.

Obligatory TWSS/OOC quote

Crump: "I'll bet your taco tastes good."

Acceptable, if he was talking to young lady.
Alas, he was talking to Zach, who replied:
"Hurblarglblarghhh!" into his 5-gallon Margarita glass.

I'm firmly embedded at SAPC central, not unlike the proverbial Alabama Tick, trying to avoid going outside since the Pollen Index here at A Nice Colf Gourse is something like 2.5 kilotons of pollen per cubic meter of air.

Today's pollen map from

And everything is covered in an inch-thick blanket of yellow powder.

Waitress, another Benadryl smoothie please.


PS - Still no sign of a Tastykake.

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Luc said...

Welcome back Big Guy.