Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome to Misery

Population: Me

From Google Weather:

Buffalo, NY
Wind: E 10 mph
Hum: 74%
Thu: 27F-30F, Snow (...and lots of it.)
Fri: 18F-33F, Chance of Snow Showers
Sat: 17F-26F, Chance of Snow

Schools are closed and flights are canceled.
I am ill-prepared for the weather here. I need warmer clothes, a knit cap to keep my noggin from freezing, and some boots with good traction.
My sneakers slide on the snow and ice - if I don't take a serious fall between now and Friday night I'll be amazed.

Obligatory Food Content:
I went to the Anchor Tavern for wings last night...
I have to say, they were pretty tasty.

TBG, out in the snow.


Anonymous said...

Let's see ... Buffalo, NY in December? What do you expect??

Taxi, out in the sunshine! 143

Bug said...

that'll teach you to shave your head!!