Monday, December 10, 2007

Extremes. I go to them.



Responses so far:

1. Damn. How much rum did you guys drink?

2. Wow. Did you lose a bet?

3. Who's the convict?

4. Holy crap! (initial response from several people)

5. Jeez. There is no middle ground with you, is there?

6. Dude. Sunscreen. Quick.

7. Man. You look mean. Looks good on *you* though... (said while backing away)

8. Wow. Is it time for the Masters already?

9. Dude, the glare is killing me.

10. Did you fall asleep around a bunch of drunk guys?

11. Oh, Dude. You've got to get a new motorcycle to go with *that* look!

12. Hey man, the WWE called- you're scheduled for a match tomorrow night.

13. Nervous laughter.
(initial response from several people, usually cut short by a very hostile look...followed by a comment such as "man, you really look angry."


Just for the record, this was a planned tonsorial adjustment.
It was time for a change...

TBG out-


Anonymous said...

how about... DAMN!! WTF??

Anonymous said...

Maybe you were trying for a record number of blog comments? :) Actually, it does look good. I mean that sincerely. Will look better after you get some sun, tho. I predict you'll keep it this way. BTW, don't you already have a motorcycle?

Anonymous said...

And how come no posts/pics from DRTO?

The Big Guy said...


I do quite a few things for effect... this one included.

2- Yeah- some sun will do me a world of good.

3- Yes, I'll probably keep this look for a while... It seems well-received.

4- Had. Had a bike. Sold it to Ken "Redneck" Flanigan... (K-Fed from Shanghai 2006 fame.)

5- There is no 5.

And for the follow up-
See the next post.

SurfacetoAirMedia said...

Thank God I saw it here first...had I encountered you in the hallway I probably would have fainted dead away.

James S said...

Dude - the sixes are showing now !!