Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Career Development Seminar

- or -
Tortugas Drinking and Fishing 2007

Annie in SC
(Formerly Annie in KW)
Asks a particularly timely question...

"And how come no posts/pics from DRTO?"

Well... There are two good reasons...

First, I've been either behind the wheel of a vehicle or getting on a plane for the majority of my waking hours since my return... and second... No pics, because no camera.

Well... I have my Crackberry camera, but that's pretty pitiful...
I also still have my old sony, but since the screen on the back is cracked, it makes it a bit hard to preview the pics... I have to shoot a bunch and hope for good results...

There is a nice post coming covering our "Career Development Seminar", including such tales as "The Grand Snapper Outing", "The Stuttgart Carnivore", "Miss Costa Rica and the White Asses", and the ever-popular "There have been complaints..." story.

Stay tuned, film at 11.

TBG, out-

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