Monday, June 27, 2005

Miscellaneous Stuff for this week...

Hi Kids... I have a couple things speak about today; nothing Earth-shattering, but a couple things that are interesting...

First, (and most distressing), the absolute BEST restaurant in New Orleans may be closed/closing. Uglesich's Restraurant, which has been around since 1924 is currently closed for the summer. This is normal, but there have been several articles written earlier this year that have alluded to the permanent closing of this fine establishment.
Pete Oliver introduced me to this little slice of heaven years ago...

Uglesich's is/was located at the corner of Erato & Barrone... Not exactly
what you would call a nice area of town...
As a matter of fact, when we (TWWKMT and I) went there about 11 years ago, we jumped a taxi at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. I told the driver that we wanted to go to Uglesich's... He had no idea what I was talking about. It told him never mind... I want to go to the corner of Erato and Baronne...
"Hey Man... you don' wanna go dere... That ain't no tourist place..." he says.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Dat dere is de' Projects. It ain't safe... Even for a big guy like you. And I cain't believe you takin' your lady there."
"Look... Just take us there. It's cool."
"Well... You de boss. But I'm tellin' you, you gonna want me to take you to someplace else when we get dere."
We went anyway... At that time it wasn't quite so well known. There was no line stretching down the block like there has been in the last 6 or 7 years.
We left the taxi and the driver watched us as we went in the tiny restaurant, shaking his head, sure we were going to be killed, skinned & roasted for dinner...
We spent nearly 2 hours there, sampling the amazing food that Mr. Anthony and his wonderful spouse Gail make. We had the Fried Green Tomatoes with Shrimp and Remoulade, we had Angry Shrimp, we tasted the oyster shooter, and had a shrimp po-boy. The Bar-B-Que oysters and other specialties were all amazing. We washed it all down with tall cold bottles of Chimay beer... Ambrosia!

Mr. Anthony is a prince among men. He tolerated us (Pete, Carl, Elton, Tom & myself) during a drunken trip to LSU for a football game once- An occasion where we roared into the restaurant and terrorized the patrons and scared the tar out of Gail as we tried to order everything on the menu. We had been drinking for hours when we decided we were hungry and headed to the Restaurant. To make a very long, ugly story short- a $300 dollar lunch that went half uneaten because of a simulated bar fight that showered broken glass over all our food; Carl's forehead was sliced open, and Pete nearly fell into the urinal in the bathroom then went outside to perform the vaunted Helicopter Vomit, a triple-snap-in-Z-formation performance if there was ever was one. And to cap it all off... it was all caught on videotape.
Ain't nothing like seeing yourself at your absolute worst... Good times,
good times.

It's not definite yet; Mr. Anthony has not said that this is the end, although he has been saying he wants to retire from the strenuous grind he and Gail have been under... He has alluded to the fact then he would like to open with a much smaller operation... Maybe a more limited menu, just appetizers and finger food... Only time will tell.
Let's hope that come fall we will see the little place on the corner of Erato and Barrone open it's doors again and we'll see Mr. Anthony, rested and refreshed, once again serving those little slices of heaven from his kitchen.


I have recently been introduced to a new puzzle rage... Sudoku.

Check it out here
... If you are a crossword fan looking for a challenge, or a cryptographer looking to refine your number theory, you need to check out Sudoku...


I'm a little concerned about this... Dell keylogger. Why has the Department of Homeland Security installed a keylogger in your laptop?


Does anyone have a 41' Morgan Out Islander for sale at a reasonable price out there? Let me know.


All right kids... Get to work. TBG out-

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