Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Finally! June has arrived!

First things first-

In the Cuban migrant pool, whoever had 10 migrants arriving on June 7th is the winner for this week. (Tiebreaker - Brown chug-chug, 8:20am, Garden Key)

The weather has finally cleared for the last couple days... 10 knot winds out of the south... Fairly clear skies. And hot hot hot.

Lots of work out here... We have a environmental safety audit going on... A team of inspectors are here to look at the OSHA compliance and to see if all the different safety procedures and equipment is on-hand.
In the last few days leading up to it, we have been checking fire-extinguishers, MSDS manuals, smoke detectors, and general safety conditions around the fort.
What fun.

Let's see... I have another thing I'll need to write up later, but I can tell you it involves a run-in with one of the US Customs/ICE teams that came out here un-announced. More on that later.

Hmmm... What else? Oh yeah... Hunter and I actually got a chance to swim yesterday! We knocked off around 3:00 yesterday and hit the south beach for an hour or so... It was very nice. We sat in the water and got a chance for a nice father-daughter chat about how things have been going so far...
Really nice.

Ok... There are bathrooms out there that aren't going to clean themselves...

TBG out-

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