Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Are My Values That Skewed?

I read an article today citing a poll of golfers and what's they'd be willing to do to play a round at Augusta...  (Full Article Here)


A round at Augusta National. It is pretty much every golfer’s dream isn’t it? In a recent Twitter poll 44% of those questioned (283 golfers) said they’d move the most expensive day of their lives to accommodate it.

With the average wedding costing north of £30,000 ($43,000 - TBG) according to Brides Magazine it is safe to say that golfers value a round at the host venue of The Masters pretty highly.

And it isn’t just weddings that might suffer for that elusive tee time, 34% said they’d miss their child’s birthday to fit in a round. So, with more than 70% of the votes, it would be safe to say that a date at Augusta National is worth more than some potential strife at home.

Despite the potential cost of moving a wedding being a large one, golfers weren’t happy to put their money where their mouth is with just 10% of respondents willing to part with a year’s salary. With UK average salaries now around £26,500 ($38k - TBG) (via Office for National Statistics), a round at this Georgia’s most magnificent golfing masterpiece could cost you more than £6,500 ($9,300-TBG) an hour (presuming a four hour round). At this hourly rate you’d be nearly in the leagues of Wayne Rooney (£6,770 an hour)* or Cristano Ronaldo (£7,800 an hour)*. So, I guess the benefit of this is that you’ll now know what it feels like to spend it like a footballer, even if it means you don’t have anything left for the rest of the year.

Now, for those people that know golfers you’ll be very surprised by this number. 12% of those asked said they’d be willing to give up golf after their round. Happy in the knowledge that they’d played the best course they could. Their spikes (soft we hope, so not to mess up the lovely greens), hung up. Their clubs now on eBay and their weekends now free. I guess the only reason why this might be believable is that there probably wouldn’t be enough time for them to play golf, they’d be spending all of their free time telling people about “…the time I played Augusta National…my 8 on 12 was the greatest 12 you’d ever see…”

So, there you have it, from changing wedding days to giving up golf, it turns out a round at Augusta National is something golfers would do almost anything for.

Astute Constant Readers (God love all four of you) might remember that it really wasn't that big of a deal for me to miss out playing ANGC last May...
So I have to ask, am I that fucked up that, although disappointing, it wasn't The End Of My Existence to miss out playing at that well-manicured lawn?



Angus McThag said...

Well, you actually play golf at all so your values are in question already.

Playing Augusta must be the golfer equivalent of shooting at Camp Perry or making a lap at Daytona or Indy or Monaco. To a certain type of person that is.

I did reschedule some things to accommodate a no speed limit circuit down at Sebring. But not like moving a wedding day! It was moving a couple doctor's appointments.

So I guess you're not too far out of whack... really you're "in whack" that your life doesn't revolve completely around an interest.

Dan said...

I'd consider the first two, but quit golf after? No bragging to my regular golf group every time we play!? A year's salary? Nope, not that much. I suppose those are dreamers dreaming, and that's okay. I have some photos of my last trip there, and memories, and I'm good with that.

DoninSacto1 said...

What's Golf? Rather watch golf than soccer. Most courses are kind of pretty.

Old NFO said...

As a golfer, I'd love to play it... But that is a once (if ever) chance for John Q Public. I was lucky enough to have played both Pebble, and St. Andrews, thanks to the military. :-) Move a wedding? Hell yes...LOL

kx59 said...

Simple answer: No