Friday, March 25, 2016

Things Not To Fuck Around With - A Work In Progress

  • Hard drugs. 
  •  Unprotected sex. 
  • Street racing. 
  • Radioactive stuff.
  • Electricity and plumbing. 
  • Dangerous animals. 
  • ISIS. 
  • Angry big women. 
  • Daddy's girls. 
  • Super religious people. 
  • Texas (duh).
  • Police. 
  • Fast food. 
  • Vegas
  • Hill folk.
  • The ozone. 
  • Bad shellfish
  • Spiders and poisonous snakes.
  • Ouija boards and fortune tellers. 
  • The IRS.
  • Prostitutes.
  • The Bank
  • Pimps. 
  • Moose.
  • The Cook.
  • Bikers. 
  • Wasps
  • Gang members.
  • And Susan at the office. 

Additions to the list are welcome.



kx59 said...

Electricity and plumbing

Now you tell me...
That explains so much.
I wish this recurrent twitch would go away.

DoninSacto1 said...

Rookies. Cops or bikers have too much to prove.

Ben Catoe said...

How appropriate to have an Easter egg in the list. Yes, she belongs on the list.

Irish said...

Mohammed's goat-friend

Old NFO said...

Ensigns/2nd Lieutenants...

Mike said...

Probably TBG could be added to to the list after another lovin' encounter with united airlines, right?

JayNola said...

Pregnant women...