Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanks, Asshole

This is why we can't have nice things.

Some noob/provisional local LEO decided he'd take his AR and some M855 to our local FOP range and get some target practice in.
1. Not a member of the FOP or the Range
2. Pistol calibers ONLY
3. He's a lying asshole

He gets the combination code to the range gate from some other local LEO and
heads to the range.

Noob Asshole: "Wow, what nice divots these AP rounds put in that 1/4" steel."

Noob Asshole: "Well, wadda ya know. They do pierce steel plate."

So, after Officer Asshole destroys $1000 worth of steel plates he leaves all his brass scattered around the site he takes off. Not being an FOP or Range member, he doesn't know that there are 4 streaming cameras at the range/firing line and 3 cameras shooting the access roads.
When the damage is discovered, it takes only 20 minutes to find and identify the culprit.
When Officer Dindunuffin* is confronted, he denies everything.
When presented with video and photo evidence, he admits guilt.
When asked who gave him the code for the gate (a major violation of FOP and Range rules) he replies with the ever-popular "I don't remember."

Hey, Moron- two important attributes of a LEO- a GOOD MEMORY and the ability to make good decisions.
You have just DQ'd yourself from the job.
Have a nice f'ing day.

(*I just love this monniker - it's a Tam-isim. So useful and accurate.)


Unknown said...

I hope you guys report this asshole to his chief. I normally wouldn't suggest such a thing, but his denials, then refusal to out his accomplice, demand it. He is not trustworthy enough to hold the job.

Old NFO said...

Oh geez, yeah talking to his chief would be the FIRST point, then full restitution...

Ben Catoe said...

The guy who gave him the code will be the guy who jumps his shit as soon so he hears about it. He even left his brass laying? Wow, name any range where that is acceptable. So he's rude, disrespectful, lies, has bad memory, AND isn't observant enough to notice any of the cameras? This guy does NOT need to be on the Force.