Tuesday, November 03, 2015

All Statistics and Polls Are Bullshit

When are people ever going to learn that anytime someone throws a statistic at them, it's probably slanted, biased or just plain wrong.

The Climatistas and their 97% of scientists, and the GunControllers with their 40% of unregulated gun sales...
It all bullshit.
You have to dig deeper, which people just won't do, to get to the truth.

97% of the scientists that make their living off Gummint grants regarding climate alarmism are the ones in agreement- NOT 97% of all scientists.
That 40% figure,  someone pulled that one out of the aether after a very unscientific poll of uninformed people that didn't own guns.

This is why I cannot put any faith in any polls or surveys about the  slate of 2016 candidates...
It just doesn't matter until people actually are in the voting booth and are punching the chads...

So knock off quoting the latest poll from whoever thinks your candidate looks prettiest.

Serially, they all suck-
The question is, who sucks least. (Or best, IYKWIM)


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Old NFO said...

THey're ALL skewed, just depends on the skewer, and the skewee... sigh