Saturday, November 28, 2015

Breaking the "Rules"

Not Following Common Sense Warnings
Down in Mexico City now...
We got an email from the security department of the Client warning of the terrible things that would happen if one left the safe confines of one's hotel room or secured spaces of the hotel or arena.
Under no circumstances were we to leave the hotel without an armed guard, especially at night...
Needless to say, at 10 last night, just as things were starting to get rolling, I was walking through Zona Rosa with 500 peso notes hanging out of my pockets, my nose buried in my smartphone and wearing earbuds- oblivious to the world.
Well- not me, but I did see these idjits as I walked around the Red Zone.
I see why young Americans are often victims of 3 hour kidnappings.
They are scooped up by local hoods just before midnight, roughed up, taken to an ATM and forced to make a maximum withdrawal, then after midnight passes they have to make another max withdrawal, then get dumped.
At least that's  the local lore...
Me? I walked around for 2 hours, marveling at the Condition White morons, then walked back to my hotel, had a tequila nightcap, and slept like the dead until 4am when my neighbors in room 108 came home and engaged in drywall-denting coitus.
TBG - en Mexico

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doubletrouble said...

"drywall-denting coitus"
Consider *that* term stolen, with gratitude.