Thursday, December 18, 2014


Ms. Bosalina Sassafras (a/k/a Bosie or The Bear) has begun to show a new behavior...
I call it "The Black Shuck"

If she is outside, ostensibly to assist with taking the trash out or to help me cover my motorcycle, when it is time to come in she just selects a spot and sits (or lays) down, staring me down until I have to come out and tender a formal invitation to go back inside.
Night or day- no matter.

The accusatory glare.
"Don't just stand there gawking - go get a tennis ball and throw it for me."

"I can wait all day."

The scary one...

Actually, there may really be a Black Shuck in the neighborhood.
I didn't notice it until The Perfect Child pointed it out...

Holy crap.


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Old NFO said...

LOL, stubborn is right...