Wednesday, June 04, 2014

From The Spam Folder

This was a good one from my spam folder...
Nestled down among the scam mailings for Russian brides, Nigerian banks, hardware enlargements, credit score report alerts, Linked-In requests from porn actresses and phishing schemes from people pretending to be Fed-Ex, AmEx, CitiBank, Chase and (my favorite) Diners Club, I found a goodie today...
It has come to our attention that someone recently ran a background check on you.

You can find out more by visiting the link below.

Go Here Now:

Thank You
I'm pretty sure that at least once a week someone plugs some subset of my historical data into a query that shows up in the Gummint's Big Ironmongery and discovers that I'm listed in one or another "people you probably shouldn't fuck around with." database.

But, seriously, does this work on ANYONE?

Well... Truth be told, I know quite a few people that would click on that link, but most of them have an on-call son-in-law/nephew/neice/kid-next-door that has spent untold hours removing malware and rogue toolbars.

This guy would probably click on that link...

I'd probably do it... From YOUR computer.



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