Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pop Quiz: "Never Let A _______ Go To Waste"

-or- "If it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander."

Carney: "Because, you know, what we have here with one issue – Benghazi – is so clearly, as we’re learning more and more, a political sideshow. A deliberate effort to politicize a tragedy."
Cracker, please.
Yo- Spokesguy!  - Were you not paying attention for the last 6 months?
Do the words "Sandy Hook" mean anything to you?

But this is SOP for the Obama Presidency... The administration's mantra that is famously attributed to Rahm Emanuel says it all...... Never let a serious crisis go to waste.
They never finish the actual quote when they use it... it goes something like:
"...unless you are a Conservative, in which case if you use a crisis for political gain you are low-life, scum-sucking cretins just like us."

What gets under my skin is the hemming and hawing that they do-
"Let's not jump to conclusions..."
"We can't act without all the facts"
"We are looking into it..."
"We don't have irrefutable information on this situation..."

Seems to me most of these prevarications are shorthand for "we don't know how we can turn this to our political advantage yet, but when we do, you'll know it when we use it to bite you in the ass"...

With any luck, by June there should be several White House entities back in the private sector, earning $20,000 a pop for speaking engagements.


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TOTWTYTR said...

With luck, by the end of the summer several former White House entities will be awaiting their trials in federal court.