Friday, May 17, 2013


I think he just likes the IDEA of being President, not the actual work involved... He didn't know it was going to be so hard.

(Well, I think they (Mooch-elle and the Obamettes) like all the perks too- Worldwide spare-no-expense vacations, unlimited golf, all the Hollywood glitterati fawning over their every move, etc)

Seems like whenever the work-work-work gets to be too much, he either a) Leaves DC to go give a campaign speech for an official visit somewhere to talk about job growth or the economy or wahthaveyou, or b) goes off on vacation with Michelle and the girls to some far-off location surrounded by friends, cronies, wannabees, Secret Service agents, lackeys, toadies, minions and ass-kissers.

Basically he doesn't like the job, he doesn't like the Media, he doesn't like dealing with the senators or congresscritters of either flavor, he feels like he's a Washington outsider, and he hates American exceptionalism.

What he DOES like is giving a well-written speech- full of buzzwords and 'let-me-be-clears', stern looks, finger pointing/shaking on a properly functioning teleprompter and giving his shit-eating-grin as he accepts the enthusiastic applause of the beguiled masses.

He's almost as bad as the last Democratic shitheel that held the office of President...
The one who lied through his teeth just like our current Chief Executive and everyone believed him, or they just didn't care...

You remember- Mr. 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman.' and 'I never inhaled.'

This one carries on that grand progressive tradition with his greatest hits: 'I only found out on Friday when I was watching the news' and 'You can keep your doctor' and 'I don't want to take away your guns.'

Which brings me to an aside on Austin TX... (reading the account of his recent visit to Austin was what triggered this missive, just-so-you-know...)
Texas is the textbook definition of a Red State, every city in the Lone Star State I have ever visited has been as conservative as they come...
I've driven across the state on coast-to-coast runs probably 8 times, worked multi-day events in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and spend several days in Midland-Odessa, Bridgeport, Corpus Cristi, and Amarillo... and Austin is the ONLY place that came across as being full of hipster-emo-pinko turds of the first order.
I find on reflection that the only way it can be explained it that Austin is the state Capitol (thus, filled with career politicians- who as a rule are typically progressives) and the location of the University of Texas- a hot-bed of leftist activity if one ever existed.
(As a matter of fact, google up some of the tenured professors that teach politics at UT, then look at their CV- you find most of them [all of them I looked at] are proud activists.
If you have left-wing activists teaching your political courses, what do you think they are teaching?)
I don't know how Borepatch ever made it through his tarriance there...


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doubletrouble said...

IIRC, Ol' BP (per his own admission)was more in tune with "campus politics", in those days.